Which One Better for You: Farming or Trophy Pushing?

This question is asked by a friend from my clan. I decided write it down and share the article with all of you. To start, I am going to explain what is farming and trophy pushing to enlighten players who haven’t heard anything about these two terms.



The term ‘farming’ in clash of clans means player raiding other players (in general game term known as PvP) only for searching resources. They do this in order to upgrade buildings and troops. Several players do this a lot especially if they only build protection for their resources. This is a good way to increase their base. There is also some achievement you can get for getting certain amount of resources. Actually, I also heard lately there is a tool to hack clash of clans farming; the tools will give you unlimited gold, gems and elixir. I got the link from my clan’s forum: http://clashofclans.hack-free.com/. Several member of my clan already tried and they said it works fine.

Trophy Pushing

Trophy pushing means that players raiding other players only searching for trophies. Of course, players also can get some achievements if you can collect a certain amount of trophies or league. Trust me; those are good option for getting extra builder’s status.


So after I explained the two candidates, which one is better for you? If you ask me, they both have very fun sides to them. Pushing is fun because the raids are more strategic and you see your progress. Farming is fun because getting huge amounts of loot is always enjoyable to every clash of clan’s players. Each of them also have negative sides. Lose in a raid while pushing trophy canbe really frustrating in the game, especially if you only get a 49% (happens to me all the time). Farming also requires a lot of nesting.

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