Various Ideas for Kitchen

Having your own dream kitchens isn’t difficult or impossible, as long as you really understand what you need. Make sure that everything you need is available there, or get rid of the stuffs that you won’t need at all. For instance, my aunt had this sophisticated cabinetries with high end stoves, oven, and microwave. The problem was, she had never cooked, so the stuffs she had in the kitchen were actually useless. Unless you are loaded, make sure that everything in the kitchen is just what you need.

Kitchen Island


A lot of people insist that they should have a kitchen island, but do you need one too? Kitchen island can serve several purposes. It can be used for preparation and also cooking. It can be used for dining or countertops for your everyday activities. In a casual kitchen (where the kitchen is more than just a place for cooking or baking), you can eat, do your work, do the homework, and other stuffs on the kitchen island. In some cases, the bi-level island can also serve as mini bar. However, if your kitchen is quite small and cramped, ditch the island, and you can achieve bigger look.


Cabinetries are the most complex and also expensive part of the kitchen. However, managing good cabinetries system is possible and doable, as long as you understand the characteristic of the kitchen. A small kitchen can make use of built-in cabinetries. Open shelves cabinetries will also make the overall atmosphere bigger. If you don’t like open space shelves, you can consider having cabinetries with glass doors to replace the wooden ones. Making the inner part of the cabinetries visible will result in bigger and wider effect.

Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point shouldn’t be difficult or complicated. Using a different paint for the cabinets or the kitchen island is enough. Creating a small but cozy corner seat will definitely make your kitchen look different.