Using Whatsapp Web Version

Using Whatsapp Web Version

Whatsapp is known as the instant messenger that is used on Smartphone. This application has been very famous around the world. The users of Whatsapp are also spreaded on iPhone, Android device, and Windows Phone. With Whatsapp, we can exchange message with picture and video. Most of us like using Whatsapp because we can add some emoticons on the text messages. The application can make the chat or text messages more fun than other using regular text message service. Besides that, Whatsapp does not use phone bills in sending the message, it uses mobile date. The message can be sent faster than the regular message. Moreover, the characters on Whatsapp message are not limited. We can chat as much as we want to.

Whatsapp Web

The popularity of Whatsapp application has brought it to the version of it, which is Whatsapp web. We can install Whatsapp for web easily. We can go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ to get the Whatsapp for web. But, we should have used Whatsapp on the mobile device first. The Whatsapp web can be installed with QR Code on the browser which is scanned on the mobile phone. The browser which can be used for Whatsapp web is anything but Internet Explorer for Windows XP and higher, such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. For the Mac OS, we cannot use Mac OS X with Safari. Besides that, not all mobile operation systems support the Whatsapp web. The mobile devices can support to install Whatsapp web are Nokia S40 and S60, Windows Phone, Android, and also Blackberry. If we use iPhone, we cannot get access to Whatsapp web.

The Whatsapp web offers the same features with mobile device. If we spend more time at computer, we should use it. We still get the emoticons and attach some media. All the contacts are synced with the mobile device.