The Official Bru-Bag Rules

The rule of the cornhole is applied on the Bru-Bag too. The general and basic rules of the cornhole game could be familiar. Your knowledge about cornhole rule will help you to play the Bru-Bag. In many cases, knowing about the rule of the game is important. Every game is supposed to be fair. To make a fair game, every player should know the rule. Bru-bag may be just a game for fun, but it is important to apply the rule, in case you involve in the tournament.

The general things about the Bru-Bag rule


The goal of every game and competition is to win it. On the Bru-Bag, the objective of the game is to be the first team to close out the opponent’s board by tossing the bean bags through the open holes successfully.

The game is played by two teams which consist of one or two players. Each team must have an equal amount of players. The teams will stand together behind or to the side of the Bru-Bag board and the opposite of the opponents.

The Bru-Bags of the game is played by using two official bean bags which are provided as the equipment of the game.

The set-up the game is arranged by the rules. The boards are set approximately 20 feet apart and the boards face each other. Then, there are six covers which are set on the ground next to each team’s board.

The tossing line is placed based on the rule of the game. It is the line which the players must stand behind the throwing. Then, it is the front of each team’s Bru-bag bags. When the player steps in front of this line when they toss the bean bags, the throw will be considered out of play.

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