The Long Pro And Cons Finally Ends: Is the Carrageenan bad?

The fact that food is something risky, food ingredients become something firstly people will read before they buy a product. The case is not only about the expired date and the calories, but more than things used to stabilize and make it more impressing for increasing consumer appetite. The discussion never is ended with pros and cons of the dangerous and side effects for a long term use. This is just not only purposed for digging the information but a political issue of food producers competition sometimes. Apart from those reasons, consumers are scared of any issues published. Like we see on the Carrageenan recently beginning from a report whose Joanne Toacman, an associate professor work at University of Illinois in Chicago. A report of Carrageenan bad side report is the riot resulting a list of hard discussion in thousands of articles published on the internet. Of course, things cannot be underestimated as thousands of product food and cosmetics use it.


Is the Carrageenan bad?

Well, what Joanne Coachman report quickly create a massive fray in the connection of Carrageenan originally from red seaweed and the Poligeenan are considered carcinogen last 2010. This finding went on a petition to FDA asking to ban the use of carrageenan to food as the food additive. After 2 years of long waiting, the petition was answered by FDA in denying. Even, WHO also confirmed that Carrageenan is 100% safe to use for food.

Carrageenan is a natural ingredient used as a food stabilizer and fixing the texture of food. Hundred years ago, it has been consumed as the food and home remedy in Ireland. Then, now the safety has been confirmed. The issue od “Is Carrageenan Bad?” is just something you can ignore now. Even, you now can feel safe buying a product and see the carrageen written in the ingredients.