The Idea in Using Remote Receptionist

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For the increasing situation of technology nowadays, people now are using a remote receptionist as their smart assistant. In the other words sometimes, they no longer use a human to answer some questions but using software to answer it.

A machine remote receptionist will cost the cheapest price for you as a customer service company to optimize your productivity and increasing your profit significantly. Then, is it a real legit service? I mean a machine remote receptionist solving your business problem?

Is remote receptionist with robotic style sound a great deal?

Well, if we are talking about the technology of course that this is a real smart thing to have. I mean you don’t have to hire people anymore to answer those annoying questions (sometimes). You can get lots of profit that you can keep it by yourself and a complete trust from your clients.

However, does client will really happy with this kind of service? Well, I’m not sure 100% they will trust the answer. You know for sure that sometimes, the questions that they really want to ask aren’t programmed on your robotic remote receptionist. Then this is a total suck.

As my experience, if my question is answered by a software application, sometimes I will ask other questions that I will sure that this robot won’t answer it. It’s just because they are not programmed yet. So what to do about it?

Well, the right decision is you, as the good provider in customer service has to think about the right thing to decide which one that you want to use; human or robot? Make sure that you do a little research on client’s testimonials to get their feeling by calling customer service.

So which one do you choose; the human receptionist or robot receptionist? The answer is in your hands.