While it is true that sports betting makes for a fun and entertaining pastime, especially for those of you who are already a fan of the sports you want to bet on, it can easily be overwhelming and confusing for those of you who are not used to betting in general as well as sports betting in particular. There are a lot of different sportsbooks out there that you can choose from, with Maxbet being one of the most popular ones for those in Asia, and each of these sportsbooks might come with their own bonuses and perks, from cashback to percentage bonuses and many others. You might also see quite a lot of success stories of professional bettors, those who are able to make a living simply from betting on sports from the comfort of their own home, but before you can be one of them you need to first understand the many different terminologies you might stumble upon as you browse through the site of your online sportsbooks. Below are the few common terminologies that you might find:

  • Mix Parlay. This is a type of a bet where you are required to place your bet on multiple matches all at once, usually ranging from two to four, although mix parlay bets on five matches and above are not unheard of. You win your bet if you win all your bets on those individual matches, and this type of bet offers the most amount of money but it comes with a greater risk.
  • Over/Under. Where you not only bet on the victor or loser of a particular match, but also the number of goals that team scores during the match.
  • Asian Handicap. A way to make the bet more balanced by giving the underdog team a point score.