PHLS BUS to Do Miri to Brunei Darussalam

PHLS BUS to Do Miri to Brunei Darussalam

If you are planning to do Miri to Brunei Darussalam by bus, you don’t need complicated itinerary. You will find it an easy trip. Many travelers opined doing a visa run using the PHLS bus from Miri to Brunei was great. The PHLS bus is one that will take you from Miri bus station to Brunei Darussalam. You can book the bus ticket on easybook.com.

Tips to Do Miri to Brunei Darussalam Trip

Go booking bus ticket to Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB). If you arrive early at the bus station and don’t want to kill the time at the station, think twice. It is possible for you to get off another bus sooner then the BSB bus, but you would be stuck waiting around for return bus. It is much recommended to take bus all the way to BSB.

In the middle of the trip you will reach Malay immigration and make sure you ask for 90 day stamp or you will be given only 30, otherwise. It takes about 4 hours from Miri to BSB.


Rumors have it on backpackers and traveling forum PHLS bus is not longer operating. No, it’s a total tumor. We just checked it on easybook.com. PHLS has two bus schedules from Miri to Brunei Darussalam, Waterfront Bandar Seri Begawan at 08.15 a.m and 03.45 p.m. The bus ticket is tagged at SGD 20.00.

Like many transportation systems in South East Asia, you can buy the tickets at the bus. Though it’s not recommended, there’s no guarantee you can get the comfortable seat for this 4-hours trip. Most buses for this route are generally comfortable to ride and clean. You will not find difficulties in searching for the detail of the bus route since each route of the bus is written on board placed on the front window of the bus.