New Heathy Food: Carrageenan

There’re various kind of food sold on the market today. In term of healthy food, there have been so many options available on our market now. One of the good choice for healthy food is carrageenan. It’s the simple meal you can make right from your kitchen. In this article, I’ll give you brief explanation about carrageenan and its benefits.

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You must be wondering what is carrageenan actually. Carrageenan is the natural meal originally processed from the certain type of seaweed. You can simple make the carrageenan by boiling the certain kind of red seaweed with the acidic broth. You can filter and crush this into the powder. Then, you can simply eat this food or add this ingredient to your main course. It also can be used as thickener in some products like ice cream, cream cheese, cereals, soy milk and many more. If you’re vegan, you can replace the gelatin by carrageenan as your favorite dessert.


Some people think that this ingredient contains some kind of dreadful effect which is not good for human body, especially for human digestive system. Since 2001, people have been asking about the potential hazard from this food. It’s known that based on the lab test, degraded carrageenan can cause intestinal damage to some rodent and primates species. However, degraded carrageen is completely different from the carrageen found in the food products. Degraded carrageen is well-known as poligeenan. It has the different properties with the carrageenan.

Carrageenan has been recognized as the safe food, so you don’t have to worry about consuming this product. In fact, this product can possibly give the great impact to your body. As carrageenan is processed form seaweed, it can possibly have the benefits contained in the seaweed. This can be beneficial for human digestive system such as treating ulcers. This carrageenan can also be taken as the laxative. So, you can simply consume this meal in your daily basis.