Meditation for Beginners: Tips to Follow


What do you feel when looking at people who are meditating? There is a feeling of amazement that how they can look so peaceful in the silence and also the desire to do the same as them as you envy their serenity. Why don’t you just start practicing meditation, then? Do not worry, meditation is basically for everyone regardless their age and sex. As long as you are willing to spend your time, give your attention and calm down yourself, meditation should bring you what you are looking for.

As a beginner, you have many things to learn to meditate well. You have a lot of options of technique to use based on your situation and to ease you applying the technique, some tips below are worth-doing:

Find your comfort in a serene place

To begin your meditation, find a quiet place meditation techniques where you will not be disturbed either by other persons or disturbing sounds. It does not matter whether you prefer to sit cross-legged on the floor or sit on a chair, just make sure that you are in a comfortable and stable position. Do not forget to have the palms of your hand face the sky.

Stay on the present time

Many people think that meditation makes them going somewhere which is not exactly correct. When you are meditating, you have to be aware of your present that you can hear the sounds around you, feel your body that is sitting and know where your mind goes, and so on. You are not “lost” when meditating.

Feel your body

One of the ideas of meditation is being aware of everything you are in, including feeling your body. Taking a long and deep breath and feel the air filling your lungs, feel the blood flowing in your veins, and things like that.

Definitely it is not easy to maintain your consistency doing the meditation, so practicing more will help you.