Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard

Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard

If you have kids that like to play skateboard, I am telling you Kryptonics is the best brand that you could have with the reasonable price. Its durability and quality are not the things to be worried about. You can get a piece of very fast and adjustable skateboard in an affordable price. It is surely worth your money. Stop throwing your money for something useless and cheap but the quality is not good. Hence, this article is going to discuss about Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard Reviews, the best one that you can have.

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What I am going to specifically discuss in this article is Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard. This is a super lightweight and fast skateboard that is only weighing around 4.3 pounds. It is dimensioning by 22.5 x 6 inches with a high quality of custom molded polypropylene deck with high response and impact. It has very flexible checkboard grip pattern.

It is polished by 3.25-inch retro cruiser trucks with 90a bushings. If you are talking about the wheels, it is equipped by 83a smooth gliding poured urethane wheels which makes this skateboard superfast and very flexible when you want to adjust the position. It is completed by ABEC 5speed bearings for speed adjustment and casted by PU in measurements 62mm x 21mm.

In addition, this Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard is a complete package for a good skateboard that you could have. It is also good and very recommended skateboard even for 4-year old kids. You can get this amazing skateboard at around USD 50 which is quiet a reasonable price for such a durable and high quality Skateboard. This skateboard is made in China, but it is surely an American quality, so there is nothing to worry about the quality and the durability of this skateboard.