Guidance of Starting a Blog

Guidance of Starting a Blog

There are many reasons people do a blog. Some people post contents on the blog regularly because it is their hobby; others do that because it is their job. Blogging can be said a great habit. By blogging, many people turn their hobby into their job. For some people who like writing, blogging can be a place where they can spread their works freely. If we are interesting to have a blog and start it as a habit, we can read this guide in starting a blog.


The first thing we need to do is choosing the blogging platform. There are many platforms or hosts that can provide us for the blogging. The most common host or platform is WordPress. We can use the WordPress as self-hosted or the hosted mode. Other options that we can choose and use freely are Blogger and Tumblr. The Blogger is not too different from WordPress and the Tumblr is popular as a social networking platform.


After naming our blog which is known as the domain, we can design our blog. The design for the blog which is also known as a theme can be made in custom or we can choose it in the list which is free to use. We also can use the premium them from other websites. In this case, we need pay for it.


After we prepare the place to do blogging, now we need to think about the content of the blog. For the start, we can use our blog to spread useful information. We can choose the niche based on what we like or what we concern about. Beginner bloggers should not be afraid in making a mistake. But, as a beginner, we should have a desire and passion for learning about it. By the time, we will know more about this.