Getting Approval Emotional Support Animal

The support from animal is kind of magical for human. Having a pet, such as a cat or a dog, sometimes can help people, including us, to heal the mental pain in our body and soul. The pet like dog or cat or other kind of pet can make people feel comfort and relieve the stress in the head. Getting pet help can be told as better method than medicine. The depression medicine or something similar is known can cause addiction which is bad for some cases. Maybe, we can try to register emotional support animal.


What it is Register Emotional Support Animal?

Register Emotional Support Animal is a program from The DOGtor to help people getting the paperwork for getting a pet for medical purpose. The paperwork in this program can give us who need permission to have a pet in our residency. The registration is needed because of building regulation does not allow pet in there. The need of pet for emotional or mood disorder healing or therapy sometimes cannot happen easily. That is why we need help from this program. This kind of therapy or healing method is said as the alternative from the physician therapy or care.

However, getting a pet for therapy or healing the emotional and mood disorders is needed to be licensed. It will not be the same with having a pet for companion or for fun. Besides that, when we need to get a pet for this medical purpose, we may not think about it in the first place when we choose a place to live. Sometimes, the one who needs this kind of method is not animal lover. When we are the one who will need this kind of treatment, we will need the permission to get a pet in our home.