Get Easy with EasyBook

Next week is the long holiday, and you are planning to have a holiday. You have chosen your grandma’s house as your holiday place. You have create the holiday itineraries. Destination, done! Budget, done! Souvernir, done! Snack, done! And the last that you have not done, transportation.


You open airplane’s website, look for the tickets, and found that the sale price is not in accordance with your budget. The second option, you choose bus. But, unfortunately, to buy the ticket, you must go to bus station and queuing. You don’t have a enough time for queuing because you are still have some work that must be done before take the holiday.

After browsing on the internet, finally you found one website that will solve your problem. EasyBook.

Book your ticket with easy

EasyBook was founded in 2005 and has partnered with more than 150 bus companies. EasyBook affiliated with bus companies that offered clean, comfortable and reliable buses. EasyBook also serve more than 10k departures per day on 6k+ routes.

With EasyBook, you can pick your bus by choosing departure and arrival place and dates, Bus Company and the total of passenger. The payment of EasyBook also easy and fast. You can pay your order by Internet Banking, Credit Card Number or by pay via mini market like Seven Eleven. The Price that offered in EasyBook is not far away from the official price.

Easy Book also covered your order summary with soft or hard copy to check in on the departure day itself.

Besides desktop website, you can book your bus ticket online from EasyBook mobile application that has been distributed in App Store, Google Play Store and BlackBerry App World

Car, Train, Ferry and Local Tour. Ok!

Easy Book has served the bus booking online in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. Besides bus booking online, now you can book another transportation like train, car, ferry, and also book local tour. But, those are available not in all countries and still in development.

You can visit EasyBook website on Easybook.Com. Get your ticket easily and enjoy your holiday!