Gaming Reviews Xbox One

Gaming Reviews Xbox One

Here you can get information of gaming reviews xBox One. 2015 is over. During this one year, the owners of the Xbox One is pampered with a variety of quality games, both games are multiplatform, as well as an exclusive present for Xbox One itself that could be considered in terms of the number of years is quite a bit compared to the previous year.


Among the many quality games that are present in the Xbox One, this is a list of the ten best Xbox games of 2015 one worthy of the title of Game of the Year version of us. It did not make this list based on the ranking of the best. So it does not mean the games are numbered little better than the larger numbered games. What is the best Xbox One 2015 version? Let us refer directly!

As his last work together Konami, Kojima Productions was really working all out in this game. Even this can be called the best MGS works ever created by Kojima, and also the best stealth games of all time. It is freedom in carrying out and completing the mission of making strategies in playing each different from each other gamers. AI is more intelligent and “vigilant” in detecting the presence also makes the game more challenging. Do not forget also, the use of FOX Engine stunning, and could become the backbone of games Sony Kojima further along in the future.

Expectations are high for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt finally paid off by CD Project RED. Vast world (30 times wider than The Witcher before!), Stunning graphics, upside quests are no less exciting than the main quest to make this game worthy of occupying one of the best PC games of 2015. CD Project RED is also not playing games in providing the gameplay quite a long time for this game, reaching hundreds of hours and even then not including expansion Hearts of Stone released the final quarter of 2015 yesterday.

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