Doing the Legal DNA Paternity Testing

Having a child is very exciting. You will never forget when you know a child if yours at the first time. You will see every development of the child happily. However, it will become a happy moment if you are doubtful if you are his biological father. To know the truth, you need to do the legal DNA paternity testing.

The way in doing the test


There is the third party as the supervision in doing this DNA test. The samples of you and your child will be collected by this third party. To know whether you should go to the company that does the test alone or get together with your child, you should ask this to the company. Then, before you give the samples, you should make the file that contains about what your reason is you need to do this DNA test. You should collect your identity card when you are doing the test as prove that you are the right person.

After that, you will be taken a picture in the center of the collection. Besides, you need to give your fingerprints. The same process is done to your child. He will be taken the blood as the sample test. Then, the child will be photographed too.

How long can you see the result of the test?

It doesn’t take a long time for you to see the result. For example, the time that is needed is for about three until five days. The result will be given to you so you will know the result. What says in this result is absolutely true because the level of the accuracy is almost one hundred percent.

Don’t be nervous. You should prepare some important things that are needed when you are going to do this test. After knowing the result, you will know whether you are the biological father or not. If you are, you should give the child support.