Considerations to Taking When Buying Your First Bow

There are many archery lessons for beginners available around the world today so that absolute beginners can get into the sport easily. The aspiring archers are definitely looking forward to buying their first ever bow, but this cannot be done without much thoughts. Let’s take a look at some considerations for buying the first bow for beginners.


The purpose of the bow. Bows come in many varieties, and you need to know what you plan on doing with it before picking one out. When you are looking to focus on a certain type of shooting, getting a bow most suited for that type of archery is best. Bow hunting needs hunting bows; these are generally finished in dark colors, and many bow hunters generally prefer bows that produce more kinetic energy and momentum so that the arrows can penetrate game animals better. Target shooting does not necessarily need bows with speed and draw weight since the distances in the sport are usually known beforehand and the arrows only need to stick to the target. 3D archery needs a fast bow; this to help compensate for possible errors in yardage estimation when shooting at foam animals.

The options offered by the bow. There are different cam systems available on bows, but only the basic will be covered here. The first is the single cam; the bows have one cam on the lower limb and a round idler wheel on the top limb. It is generally easier to tune with the single cam bows. The second is the two cam bows; the bows are considered as binary cam where two identical cams are hooked together by the bow cables. The third is the hybrid, a mix of a two cam bow and a single cam. So, take these options into consideration when buying your first bow for your archery lessons.