Coffee Roasting

Coffee roasting is one of the very essential steps of making a good coffee. When roasting coffee beans, you need patience and you have to be diligent to not let the coffee beans under-roasted or overly-roasted. In coffee making, whether it is in an industrial workplace, coffee shop, or in a household, roasting coffee is very important to bring out the flavor and the aroma of the finished product.

There are few types of roasting; light roast, medium roast, medium dark roast, and dark roast.


  • Light roasting is a process where the coffee bean is roasted until it looks light brown. The process would produce lighter and milder coffee flavor.
  • Medium roasting would make your coffee beans look medium brown. The process needs a longer time than the light roast, as the flavor is a little bit stronger.
  • Medium dark roasting would produce the darker color of your coffee beans, the flavor is richer and the beans are usually a little bit oily after the process.
  • Dark roasting is a process that would take the longest roasting time. It would produce black and oily beans that would result in bitterness.

The most of the people know that roasting coffee needs a huge equipment and that it only available to do in certain places like coffee shops or a factory. In fact, you could also do it at home with a more efficient machine. There are now a lot of coffee roaster (เครื่องคั่วกาแฟ) types that are more compact and small in size that are really convenient to use at home. You can get and purchase both in physical or online stores. The type are also varied, there are ones that are more in modern style and technology, and the more classic type. But either, you can get it with a price that is also not very expensive.

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