Cheap Magento Hosting Services for Budget Businesses

Cheap Magento Hosting Services for Budget Businesses

Websites do not stand by themselves, but they are given certain structure or design and being maintained by a web hosting service. Online business is a big market these days, and people are looking for the best way to run their company’s website in the best way they can. Talking about web hosting, Magento is the best available service that provides all that it takes to make shopping websites function optimally. If you are someone who are new to online business and have a tight budget, inexpensive services is what you need. These are the best cheap Magento hosting services you might want to take.


Since it comes for only $3.95 per month, Siteground becomes the cheapest Magento hosting that will get you a premium service. It guarantees a reliable bandwith because it runs its data center in three continents; U.S., Europe, and Asia.


 It is more expensive than Siteground, but it is one of the web hosting services that are recommended by Magento. Speedwise, Nexcess is competing with Siteground, with its response time reaching only 70 milliseconds with 50 active visitors.


Even though Arvixe is rather slow compared to the previous ones, it offers multiple domain, which enables you to manage more than one website within one account. Its services come for $4 per month, but you can get 25% off the price under certain terms and conditions.


Being the most expensive one among the other ones before, Site 5 still gives the important services for an affordable price at $8.95 per month. Even though it takes 200 milliseconds to respond with 40 active visitors, it ensures you that your website will not overload.


Hostgator is an old member of Magento hosting services, and it offers a price that is as cheap as Siteground. What is convenient from Hostgator is the Google Adwords credit bonus that worth $100. With 160 milliseconds, it has the slowest response time in this list, but it still offers a stable bandwidth.

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