Carrageenan Widely Used

6Carrageenan Widely Used

What is Carrageenan? This is the main discuss theme so far in the food industry. It is a food additive and an indigestible polysaccharide. It is extracted from red algae and commonly used as the food thickener and stabilizer. It has been used for centuries in food preparations for gelling properties. However, the isolated carrageenan that found recently becomes the important aspect to discuss, especially in the health community.

Where to Find Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is widely found in common non-dairy milk such as almond and coconut milk. Some people who transition to a Paleo diet may increase their use in this product. If you consider the types of carrageenan, you should know the important distinction between the degraded carrageenan and undegraded carrageenan. It is different in its molecular weight from the chemical standpoint. From the practical standpoint, the undegraded carrageenan is approved to use in food products. However, the degraded carrageenan is not. The degraded one is called poligeenan and you can avoid it to be used.

Carrageenan is widely used after the animal studies showed that the poligeenan  is more detrimental to the health of lab than carrageenan. If you also believe that carrageenan can cause cancer, you have to recheck it , especially about the concentration of it. the food grade carrageenan has not been shown to cause cancer and it is not a carcinogen. In the another hand, poligeenan produces more severe ulceration and inflammation than carrageenan at the lower concentration, of course. Carrageenan at 5% concentration in the diet cause ulcers in the colon, but it will have no same result when it is tested to the rats and hamsters. No matter what to trust, it is better for you to use anything in non-high dose. Everything that used more will give the non-benefit result.