Best Tech Platform Tips for Web Design

Best Tech Platform Tips for Web Design

Web designing could be such a fun job to do whether professionally or just for fun. But if you are just learning on how to design a website, you are probably still learning which platform or technology that is best to use when building a site. There are just so many technologies out there which support web design in many different ways. In fact, it can be rather confusing sometimes that there are just so many technologies to consider. To help you all beginners, we have put two best tips of web design and technology to use for all of you.

Image resolution for faster loading

We all know that the bigger the image resolution, the heavier it is for your web design طراحی وب سایت. Therefore, your page will ultimately load so much slower that it can lag and diminish the experience of web browsing. If you do not want our client experiencing that, you should use this software called Smushit. Smushit is such a good image resizing application that can be used to make the size of your picture smaller. By using this, all of your picture will be a lot lighter when being put on your web design.

Code kit when designing the web

If you are building your own website or web design طراحی وب سایت , you’re going to love this kit called the Code Kit. Code Kit is the ultimate software that is used to monitor all of the changes that you do on your design. And it will be such a fast monitor because you don’t have to wait for the page to reload like any other kit. The fast page reloaded is a must have for every web developer out there. Not only they are high quality, they can be purchased with such a small fee in total. Code kit is definitely worth a try for you web developers.

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