Be a Badass and Lure Her in

Ever heard of “Mr. Nice Guy never get the girl?”.The statement exists because of a reason. Most of the time, it is true. Being nice rarely gets you the girl because you are too nice! Believe it or not, women secretly desire of a true badass guy, a man who is tough, manly, and challenging. Remember, being a badass does not equal being a jerk. And note this, seduction part came later after an interaction, not immediately in the beginning.


                Badass is not a pain in the ass. He is a great charming guy who knows what he wants and how to get it. He is not a people-pleaser because he knows that he is good at that he is doing. This is the trait that women love, a man who is not afraid to get what he wants, even if the entire world does not agree with him. Badass rarely flirts. By being himself, he already works his way up toward girls. How did that happen? Confidence. Confidence has its own way of attracting women and it lures her into you. You can approach her right away and talk to her.

                Once you engage in conversation with her, make the conversation about her. Give her all your attention. It is a way of seducing women without being obvious. The minute she started to open herself to you (laughing at your joke or touches you during the conversation, you know that she is also interested in you. Here, you can start giving her compliment. Statements like “you have really nice smile” or something more subtle like “talking to you feels great” can really increase her desire to be with you.

                The next step is entirely up to you, badass! You can ask her to “go somewhere quiet” or you can ask her number or just hang out casually. Practice makes perfect. Now, go become a badass and seduce women!