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Introduction of AGF insurance

AGF Insurance is a Insurance that has more than 200 years of its history. After its establishing in 1818, the bank has been strongly influenced by the industrial Revolution. It is quickly become one of the best insurance companies in the world. AGF insurance is also become an affair of state, especially in the 40 trading additions. It is currently investing in the sphere of agriculture and industry. Now, this company deliberately for the long term with a loyalty programme. If you are new to service client contacter, please go to here.

Four major objectives of AGF Insurance

In its customer loyalty policy, AGF has 4 main objectives. First, It is aimed to improve the communication and information of each client while rewarding. A major newspaper will be distributed every 3 months by the AGF customer service. Secondly, it is has a purpose to optimize the relations with the customer by providing a unique identification key and access to AGF. Typically, the insurer will provide all of its target AGF cards. The third objective is primarily the affirmation of the value of the AGF through a set of services and its benefits including information about discount and privileges. And the last Objective is to promote commercial activities of its various networks. It is a powerful marketing tool designed to boost sales forces.

Client number of AGF Allianz

A call centre in the AGF insurance has been set up to reconcile the company and its customers. For its structure in operating diagram will follow a classic rule, it is two call processing levels. The first level is responsibility in receiving and identifying the caller before towards second platforms. These platforms are specialised in several areas including home assistance, practical information, disaster assistance or service card. For its marketing unit, AGF hotline will allow commercial and administrative of the company to get all the information.

A loyalty programme of AGF Insurance

More than 17 years, the company AGF works in the widespread loyalty programmes. In 1998, the programme has been tested on more than 50,000 customers in France. Now, the company’s loyalty programme has been peaked with AGF customer service that is available as soon as possible. For about claims, this Insurance will be in the office or take AGF contact with a representative.