Accessories in Pax 2

Pax 2 accessories are various. The accessories from the manufacturing are various too when you buy this product. There are flat mouthpieces with its variety colors, a pack of three screens, flat and raised mouthpieces, and more than it. AC adapter, replacement oven lid completed with cleaning kit and USB charger are accessories in this unit. Not all of them are the important one to the vaporizer’s use. However, to have the additional screens and cleaning kit are important. Other accessories you have to have are mouthpieces and replacement parts.


Other Accessories outside the Manufacture Offer

Other accessories that need are a zippered case. This case will allow you to properly store and transport your unit. You also can get a loading tool, a cleaning rod, vented oven lid, and water adapters. You will get the easiness with the perfect score from this product. This product has the perfect rank of its mobility. 9/10 rank of ease of use and power efficiency, and a perfect score for vapor density and overall performance. Therefore, even you want to compare this product with the previous version, you just wasting a time. In this case, you will know that the manufacturer from this product was paid more attention to their customers so that the customers will be satisfied with it. The vapor seems purer because of the taste and the flavor has been improved.

The high technology of this product does not stop it. You will find the lithium ion battery powers this model and it’s only takes 2 until 3 hours to charge completely. To charge, it is also simple. You just have to put the USB charger like what you have done to your phone. You will reduce the charging time because the standard wall charger will accommodate this product. This is the best of the best advantage, especially when you can use it until 90 minutes of its lifetime in the medium heat.